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Waxing is a great option for those who like smoother, hair-free skin for longer! We specialise in all areas of the body from eyebrows to full back waxing – the perfect combination of areas for the best result that you desire. Many people opt for waxing all year round to make hair removal easy, but it is also popular to have waxing treatments through the summer months – or even just for a special event! 

Our waxing treatments are all performed using high quality products that are gentle on sensitive and delicate skin. Our wax is paraben free and suitable for vegans – All natural with no added nasty extras, the best treatment for your skin!

Not only do we make you feel pampered whilst in the salon, we also give you all the advice you need to maintain your soft and silky skin at home. If you want salon worthy results, then why not try our professional products available to buy at your treatment!

DOs and DON’TS of waxing

 DO exfoliate the area before your waxing treatment. This decreases the chance of ingrown hairs as it clears bacteria and removes the top dry layer of skin – allowing the wax to grip to the skin better and get a good pull on the wax strip.

 DO have a warm bath or shower before the treatment. This will open your pores and make it somewhat easier to pull the hair from the follicle. 

 DO moisturise AFTER your waxing treatment. Use a natural, non-fragranced cream to rehydrate the skin after waxing.



    DON’T use perfumed products after a waxing treatment. The chemicals may lead to discomfort and irritatio

    DON’T wear tight clothes after your waxing treatment. The material and tightness of the clothing can lead to friction and discomfort around the area of hair removal.

    DON’T expose the area to hot water after the treatment. Hot showers, bathes, and saunas will open the pores and allow bacteria and ingrown hairs to develop. Opt for lukewarm showers and turn the water cold before you get out to allow the pores to close.

    If you aren’t sure which waxing treatment you need, then get in touch and we can advise which is best for you before visiting us for a waxing treatment in our Blackburn salon.

    • Eyebrows £10 / 15 min

    • Upper lip £8/10 min

    • Chin £8/10 min

    • Sides £8/10 min

    • Full face including brows £29 / 45min

    • Half arm £15 / 25 min

    • Full arm £25 / 30 min

    • Underarm £15/15 min

    • Lower half leg £18 / 25 min

    • Upper half leg £22/ 30 min

    • Full leg £30 / 45 min

    • Stomach £15/ 20 min

    • Chest area, breast, nipples £15 /20 min

    • Neck £8 / 10 min

    • Back £20 /25 min

    • Buttocks £15 / 15 min

    • Basic bikini £15/ 15 min

    • Deep bikini £20 / 20 min

    • Hollywood £30 /35 min

    • Hollywood plus buttocks cheeks £35 / 45min

    • Full front (incl. neck, breast, stomach) £25 / 40min

    • Full back (incl. neck, shoulders, back, buttocks) £25 / 40min

    • Brows £8 -£10 / 10 min

    • Ears £8 /10 min

    • Nostrils £8 / 10min

    • Cheeks £8 / 10 min

    • Beard neckline £15 / 20 min

    • Underarm £15 / 15 min

    • Half arm £20/ 20 min

    • Full arm £27 /35 min

    • Half leg £25 /30 min

    • Full leg £35 / 50 min

    • Chest with abdomen and sides £35/ 45 min

    • Chest and abdomen only £25 /30 min

    • Buttocks (including crack) £30 / 30min

    • Buttocks (excluding crack) £20/ 20 min

    • Back with shoulders and sides £30 /35 min

    • Back only £25 / 25min

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to make a reservation or need more information regarding your possible treatment…

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