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Have you been thinking ‘What’s the best laser hair removal near me?’ – Well we have the answer!

After long research, we have invested in the Fibra DFA machine by Baldan Group from Italy, leaders in the European beauty industry.

We fell in love with this machine immediately! Powerful, fast, safe, easy to work with, smashing results and fantastic reviews from our colleagues!

Fibra DFA is of innovative design and uses the latest-generation technology combined with microlenses that concentrate a light generated by a multi diode into a single pulse transmitted through optical fibre to the hair bulb. It means that the treatment takes place quickly, even on large areas such as full legs or back. Fibra DFA provides fast, safe and painless treatment on all types of skin.

The treatment begins with careful analysis of the skin by a phototype detector so we get the maximum effectiveness and guarantee a precise, flawless epilation without even the slightest burn.

24-48 hours patch test and full consultation is required.

Want to know more? If you want some advice on whether this is the best treatment for you, then don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss our treatments and your needs in detail. 


‘FibraDFA / Laser hair removal 

Micro area – 1 session £30
£180 p/course of 6 + 1 free, £240 p/course of 8 + 2 free

Between eyebrows – Upper lip – Chin – Fingers – Toes – Nipples

Small area – 1 session £45
£270 p/course of 6 + 1 free, £360 p/course of 8 + 2 free

Lip and chin – Jawline and sides – Cheeks and sides – Underarms
Hands and fingers – Feet and toes – Navel line – Neck – Basic bikini

Medium area – 1 session £75
450 p/course of 6 + 1 free, £600 p/course of 8 + 2 free

Upper lip + chin + sides + jawline
Half arm – Lower leg – Upper half back – Lower half back – Waist area
Shoulders – Chest – Abdomen –  Extended bikini – Buttocks (excl. perianal area)

Large area – 1 session £95
£570 p/course of 6 + 1 free, £760 p/course of 8 + 2 free

Full face and neck – Full arm + hands + fingers
Back and neck and shoulders
Front with neck + chest + abdomen
Brazilian or Hollywood – Upper legs – Buttocks with perianal area

X-Large area – 1 session £120 –
£720 p/course of 6 + 1 free, £960 p/course of 8 + 2 free

Full legs with feet + toes + deep bikini
Full arms + hands + fingers + underarms
Lower legs + deep bikini + underarms

Mega Large area – 1 session £150 –
£900 p/course of 6 + 1 free, £1200 p/course of 8 + 2 free

Full front with neck + chest + abdomen + underarms + deep bikini
Full back with neck + shoulders + buttocks
Full leg with feet + toes + deep bikini or Hollywood + buttocks

  • We recommend to get course of 6+1free to achieve the best result.
  • We recommend one treatment per 4-6 weeks (dependent on which part of the body)
  • We recommend to use only professional products for body and face during and after your course of laser treatment which available to purchase in salon or online.
DO and DON’T
  • Please DON’T wax or pluck hair 6 weeks prior and during the course of your laser treatment.
  • Please DON’T sun exposure or sunbed prior and during the treatment.
  • Please DON’T any heating treatment after treatment (hot bath, hot shower, sauna)
  • Please DON’T exfoliate treated area for one week after treatment.
  • Please DON’T apply bleaching cream, perfume products at least 48 hrs. on treated area.
  • Please DON’T wear tight closing 2-3 days after treatment.
  • Please DO look after your skin, use recommended professional products.
  • Please DO use sunscreen 30 – 50 before and after treatment .
  • Please DO contact to your therapist immediately if there is any signs of infection like pus, tenderness, or fever.
  • Please DO follow all recommendations given you by your therapist.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to make a reservation or need more information regarding your possible treatment…

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