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We all want to look glamorous all the time, both day and night. So how do we do that? Well I know HOW! Some simple tricks can enhance your appearance and give you that wow factor. With Treatments like Eyelash Extension you will instantly see the difference and look more glamorous, elegant and beautiful. Create your natural look with Classic Eyelash Extensions, add little bit more volume and length with Hybrid lash.

We can also correct and balance your eyes shape and brows using the latest techniques with a Beautiful Brows service (measuring, tinting, waxing, threading, and trimming).

If you feel that Lash Extensions are too much for you, then how about Lash Bomb treatment? Length-volume-lift! Your own lashes will look naturally curved, longer and darker. I also offer Eyelash Tint, which is quick, lasts up to 4 weeks and gives you the most natural look.

I will give you simple homecare advice on how to look after your lashes and brows between visits to salon. You can also buy professional care products from my salon which will help you enhance your treatments making them last longer.

  • Lash tint £11 / 15 min*
  • Beautiful brows £17.50 / 25 min*
  • Lash lift £35 / 60 min*
  • Classic lash extension £55 / 90 min*
  • Classic lash 2-3 weeks infill £35 / 60 min*
  • Volume lash extension £60 / 120 min*
  • Volume lash 2-3 weeks infill £35 / 60 min*
  • Lash extension removal £15 / 20 min

* Note:

  • After 2-3 weeks if there is less than 40% of lashes left in place a full set will be required, please look after your lashes
    ( I provide FREE lash care kit for first time clients )
  • Please no make-up for any lash appointment, save your time and money.
  • Patch test is required for any eye treatment.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to make a reservation or need more information regarding your possible treatment…

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